320 Rue St Jacques, Paris


Thursday 12 December 1940


‘I have it at last !! It’s all signed. It is mine. Not a room, mind, but a real apartment – bedroom, kitchen, WC with a washbasin !! And a rubbish chute, my dear!! Just next door to Chez Dilys, 320 rue St Jacques. I am on the 8th floor with a fabulous view over the Val-de-Grâce  and the whole south east of Paris. I’ll have the sun all morning and I’ll have heating in January and February (how about that?) Oh,  I am so happy’.


Most of Madeleine’s diary was written in her studio apartment on the 8th floor of 320 Rue St Jacques. Delphine B.  lived there for a number of years until very recently. She had the kindness to welcome me into her flat and she took the following photographs:

320_rsj_00013 hpim86151 hpim86161 hpim91191 hpim91241


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